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Senior Executive

Mb. 9971349101

Email: Brijesh.Hspropmart@gmail.com


Office: A-304, 3rd floor, Shri Ram Palace,

Near Vinayak Hospital & Sector 18 Metro Station,

Sec-27,  Noida, Gautam budh Nagar, U.P



About Brijesh

Brijesh is working with JVS Home Solution Propmart since July 2014. He is Senior Professional  and provide best deals in terms of location, facing and price to all of his clients.


As per Brijesh“ I provide best deals to my clients.”



Projects Handled & Specialization:

Fresh & Resale of All Apartments in Greater Noida West (Noida Extension)

Loans from all leading banks


Distress Sale list by Brijesh:

Noida Extension (Greater Noida West):

Amrapali Projects:


Amrapali Dream Valley                  585 sqft   1 BHK  11th flooR ,Park, Demand:18 Lac  all incl with transfer 


Amrapali Dream Valley                  585 sqft   1 BHK  15TH hFloor, Park, Demand:18 Lac  all incl with transfer  


Amrapali Dream Valley                 1045 sqft  2 BHK  Below 18th Floor,Park, Demand:2900 all incl


Amrapali Dream Valley                 1215 sqft   2 BHK + STUDY 7th Floor,Park and Corner Demand:3000 all inc


Amrapali Dream valley                 1045  sqft   2 BHK  4TH Floor Demand-3100

Amrapali Dream valley                 1045 sqft    2 BHK 17th Floor Demand-2900 all incl

Amrapali Dream valley                 1215 sqft   3 BHK 16th floor Demand-2700 All inc.

Amrapali golf home                      1100 sqft,   2 BHK  below 10th floor 3300 All inc.

Amrapali golf home                      1100 sqft  2 BHK 10th floor 3200 All inc.

Amrapali golf home                      835 sqft     2 BHK below 12th floor  D-3300 All incl with transfer

Amrapali golf home                      945 sqft    below 12th floor Demand-3200 All inc.

Amrapali golf home                      1115  3 BHK Floor 14th  Demand-3200 All inc.

Amrapali golf home                      1595 sqft  3 BHK below 5th Floor Demand-3400 All inc.

Amrapali centurian park,             1535 sqft    3 BHK  Low rise Demand-3400 all inclusive           

Amrapali La residentia                 1395 sqft,   3 BHK 13th floor  Demand-3400

Amrapali La residential                1545 sqft     3 BHK below 5th Demand-3200 All incl


Amrapali La residential                 1705 sqft   3 BHK   12th flooe Demand-2800+parking


Amrapali terrace home                 885 sqft      2 BHK 2nd floor Demand-3000 All inc.


Amrapali leisure park                    845 sqft     2 BHK  10th floor Demand-3300 All inc.


Amrapali Tropical gaden              990 sqft      2 BHK 15TH floor Demand-Market


Call Brijesh for above units @ 9971349101 Or SMS DISTRESS on 9971349101 for call back.



Steller jivan


Steller Jivan                                 1193  sqft   2 BHK + STUDY,Below 5th Floor Park, Demand:3800 all incl


Steller Jivan                                 1193 sqft     2 BHK + STUDY,Below 10th Floor Deamnd:3800 all incl


Steller Jivan                                 1027 sqft     2 BHK ,Below 14th Floor Deamnd:3500 all incl



Ajnara homes

Ajnara homes,                               1055 sqft    2 BHK ,8th floor demand-3400 all incl

Ajnara homes,                               880  sqft    2 BHK ,13th floor demand-3200 all incl

Ajnara homes,                               880 sqft      2 BHK ,14th floor, Park demand-33lac  all incl

Ajnara homes                                880 sqft      2 BHK 9th floor Demand-3500 All incl.

Ajnara homes,                               1085  sqft    2 BHK ,15th floor, Park demand-3700 all incl

Ajnara homes,                               1290  sqft    2 BHK ,12th floor,Demand-52 lac  all incl



Ajnara le garden

Ajanra le garden                            875 sqft          2 BHK below-10th Floor Demand-33 lac  all incl

Ajnara le garden                            880 sqft         2 BHK  Below 5th Floor Demand-3500 all incl

Ajnara le garden                            1285 sqft       3 BHK  10th Floor Demand-3200 all incl

Ajanra le garden                            995 sqft          2 BHK below-20th Floor Demand-3200  all incl



Ajnara daffodil

Ajnara daffodil                              1115 sqft         2 BHK+STUDY 7th floor D-5100 All incl..



Paramount Emotions                      1075 sqft               2 BHK Below-15th Floor Demand-3300 all incl

Paramount Emotions                      1075 sqft               2 BHK Below-5th  Floor Demand-3200 all incl


Gaur saundrayam

Gaur saundrayam                           1740 sqft                3 BHK 2nd Floor Demand-4000 All incl


Supertech eco citi

Supertech eco citi                           890 sqft                  2 BHK 10th Floor corner & park Demand-5200 All incl.



Ace city                                            1060 sqft                2 BHK,Below 8th Flooor,Demand-335o all incl

Ace city                                            1080 sqft                2 BHK,Below Below 5th Demand-3400 all incl

Ace aspire                                        1365 sqft                2 BHK,,Below 5th Floor Demand-3500 all incl

Call Brijesh for above units @ 9971349101 Or SMS DISTRESS on 9971349101 for call back.






More Properties:

Antriksh golf link,NE                    885 sqft                    2 BHK 2nd Floor D-3200 All incl

Avj height                                      600 sqft                    1 BHK Below 12th floor D-22.5 lac

Avj platinum                                  1150 sqft                  2 BHK Below 10th D-3400 All inc.

Authority flat,NE                           30 mtr                       2nd Floor D-14 lac

Nirala Aspire                                  890 sqft                  2 BHK 15th Floor Demand-market

Panchseel  hynis                           1000 sqft                2 BHK 9th Floor Demand-3200 All inc.

Rudra height                                   1015 sqft                2 BHK Floor-22 Demand-3200  All inc

Rudra Aquacasa                             1055 sqft                 2 BHK floor-10th Demand-3300 All inc.

Supertech up country                    900 sqft                    2 BHK 7th floor,Demand-market

Supertech up country studio         550 sqft                    Demand-17 lac   

Supertech eco village 2                 1155 sqft                  2 BHK below 10th Demand-3300 All incl.

Supertech eco village 2                 1340 sqft                  3 BHK below 20th Floor Demand-3400 All incl.


Call Brijesh for above units @ 9971349101 Or SMS DISTRESS on 9971349101 for call back.



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Air Condition Repair & Service

Call @ 08882253500

             F Service & Repair

             F Air Duct Cleaning

             F Maintenance Program

             F New AC Installation



Noida Extension Properties:

AVJ Ace City (New Launch)

Eastend Athena, Sec-1, Noida Extension

Ajnara Le Garden (Buy/Sell)

Ajnara Homes, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Amrapali Centurion Park (Buy/Sell)

Amrapali La Residentia(Buy/Sell)

Amrapali Verona Heights (New Launch)

Amrapali Dream Valley Villas, Noida Extension 

Amrapali Leisure Valley, Noida Extension

Antriksh Golf Link, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Arihant Arden, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Devika Gold Homz, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Earthcon Sanskriti (Buy/Sell)

Gaur City 2, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Gayatri Aura, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Valencia Homes, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Patel Neo Town, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Nirala Estates, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Mahagun Myra Villas, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Mahagun Mywoods, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Palm Olympia, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Paramount Emotions, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Rajneegandha Greens, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Rudra Palace Heights, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Supertech Eco Village, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Shubhkamna City, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Shubhkamna Monarch, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Stellar Jeevan, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Trustone Advance City, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Vedantam, Noida Extension (Buy/Sell)

Plots in Noida Extension(Buy/Sell)


More Properties on...                                   



Jaypee Greens Properties:

Jaypee Greens Aman- 1 & 2, Sec-151, Noida

Jaypee Kresent Homes, Sec-129, Noida

Jaypee Orchards Wish Town, Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Kesington Park Apartments, Sec-131

Jaypee Kalypso Court, 128 Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Green Garden Isles, Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Pavalion Court, 128 Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Pavalion Heights, 128 Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Knights Court, 128 Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Kingswood Oriental Villa, 128, Noida

Jaypee Green Imperial Court, 128, Noida

Jaypee Green Kingston Boulevard 131, Noida

Jaypee Green Kallisto Town Homes, Noida

Jaypee Kube, Wish Town, Noida

Jaypee Pebble Court, Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Kosmos, Wish Town Noida

Jaypee Klassic Heights, Wish Town, Noida

Jaypee Boomerang, Wish Town, Noida

Jaypee Kristal Court, 128, Noida

Jaypee Kesington Park 1 & 2 Plots, Noida

Jaypee Sports City Plots, Yamuna Expressway


For more properties by Jaypee Greens in Noida,  Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway,

Kindly Visit our Website:




Gaur Properties:

Gaur City 1, Greater Noida Extension

Gaur City 2, Greater Noida West

Gaur Saundaryam, Noida Extension

Gaur Grandeur, Sector 119, Noida (R2 Move)

Gaur Sports Wood, Sector 79, Noida

Gaur Yamuna City Apartments, Yamuna Eway

Gaur Yamuna City Studio Apartments

Gaur Global Village, Crossings Republic (R2 Move)

Gaur Valerio, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (R2Move)

Gaur City Plaza Commercial, Noida Extension

Gaur Green Vista, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (R2M)


For more properties by Gaur in Noida Region,  Kindly Visit our Website:





3C Projects in Noida

3C Lotus Boulevard, Sec-100, Noida (Ready to Move)

3C Lotus Boulevard Especia, Sec-100, Noida (Ready to Move)

3C Lotus Panache, Sec-110, Noida

3C Lotus 300, Sec-107, Noida

3C Lotus Zing, Sec-168, Noida

3C GreenoPolis, Sector-89, Gurgaon

3C Lotus City PLots, Yamuna Expressway


For more properties by 3C, visit:





ATS Projects:

ATS Prestine, Sector 150, Noida (New Launch)

ATS Ellur, Yamuna Expressway (New Launch)

ATS One Hemlet, Sector 104, Noida

ATS Village, Sector 93, Noida Expressway (Ready to Move)

ATS Advantage Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Ready to Move)

ATS Marigold, Sector 89, Gurgaon

ATS Triumph, Sector104, Gurgaon

ATS Tourmaline, Sector 109, Gurgaon

ATS Haciendas, Indirapuram


For properties by ATS in Noida, Visit -                              




Mahagun Properties:

Mahagun Moderne, Sector 78, Noida

Mahagun Mywoods, Greater Noida West

Mahagun Mezzaria, Sector 78, Noida

Mahagun Puram, NH24, Ghaziabad

Mahagun Marvella, Sector 78, Noida

Mahagun Mirabella, Sector 79, Noida

Mahagun Mantra 1, Greater Noida West

Mahagun Mascot, Crossings Republic

Mahagun Morpheus, Noida

Mahagun Maestro, Noida

Mahagun Mansion, Indira Puram

Mahagun Mosaic, Vaishali

Mahagun Mapple, Sector 50, Noida

Mahagun Manor, Noida

Mahagun Villas, Greater Noida West

Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali


For Properties by Mahagun in Noida & Ghaziabad                




Properties on Noida Expressway:

3C Lotus Boulevard, Sec-100, Noida

3C Lotus Zing—168, Noida

3C Lotus Panache-110, Noida

Eldeco Sylvan View- - 93A, Noida

Logix Blossom Green, Sec-143, Noida

Logix Neo World, Sec-150, Noida

Paras Seasons Sec 168, Expressway, Noida

Paras Tierea, Sec-137,  Noida

Purvanchal Royal Park, Sec-137, Noida

Gulshan Ikebana 143, Noida

Sikka Kaamna Green, Sec-143, Noida

Shubhkamna Tech Homes, Sec-137

Supertech SuperNova, Sec-94, Noida

Today Homes Ridge Residency, Sec-135


More Properties on….



Yamuna Expressway Properties:

3C Lotus City Plots on Yamuna Expressway

Yamuna Authority Plots Premium

Eden Golf County Plots on Yamuna E-way

Jaypee Sports City, Y-Eway  Plots (Re-Sale)

Paras Tierea City Plots on Yamuna Eway

Logix Empire Estate Plots on Yamuna E-Way

Map of Yamuna Expressway

GreenBay Golf Village on Yamuna E-way

SDS Township plots on Yamuna Express way

Supertech Golf Country Plots, Y-Eway

Supertech Up-Country Plots Y-Eway

Supertech Grand Circuit studio

Yamuna Expressway YEIDA Authority Plots

Yamuna E-way Authority Plots

More Properties on …..





Gr. Noida Properties

Amrapali Grand,  Sec-Zeta, Greater Noida

AVJ Platinum, Zeta-1, Gr Noida

AVJ Heights, Zeta-I, Gr Noida

Eldeco Mystic Green, Greater Noida

Paramount Golf Foreste, Greater Noida

SDS NRI Residency, Pari Chowk, Gr. Noida

Supertech Czar Villas, Omicron-1, Gr. Noida

Earth’s Casa Grande 2, Chi-Phi, Gr Noida

Plot Rates in Gr. Noida - Alpha, Beta & Delta

Plot Rates in  Gr. Noida - Gama, Eta, Pie, 2 & 3

Shops in Eco Village-1 & 2, Noida Ext

More Properties on...



Noida Plots & Kothi:

Noida Authority Plots (Resale)

Noida Kothi (Resale)


For Plots & Kothi in Noida, please visit our website -                  



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Call @ 08882253500

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             F Plumber Work & Service





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Yamuna Authority Plots - 2011-2013

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Distress Sale by Individuals:

Rajiv Gupta - Noida Expressway

Pavan K Gupta - Central Noida

Alka Jindal - 3Cs, ATS & Noida Expressway

 Yadav - Noida & Yamuna Eway

Preeti Koli - Supertech & Noida Extension

Brijesh - Noida Extension

Kuldeep Gupta - Central Noida & Logix

Subodh Shukla - Yamuna Authority Plots

Priyank Rawal - Greater Noida

Jaiveer Singh - Greater Noida

Gaurav Goyal - Greater Noida Apartments





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Plots & Kothi:


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